Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Latest Guild marriage challenges

I've received a bumper crop of marriage details from the latest Guild marriage challenges in recent weeks. I have put outline details of the various marriages below, together with the name of the tree, where known, in brackets. I have sent copies to researchers of the relevant trees. If anyone else is interested in any of these marriages do get in touch. I'd like to thank Colin Ulph for finding the Brighton marriages, Ian Preece for the Pershore marriage, and Sian Plant and Mary Ghrist for the Marylebone marriages.

Brighton Registration District

- 1840 St Nicholas, Brighton: Edmund Cruse, labourer, son of Samuel Cruse, grocer, and Ellen Lock, daughter of Luke Lock, hairdresser (I have established from the censuses that Edmund was born c. 1819 in Brighton but I cannot yet link him into any of the existing Cruse trees.)

- 1849 St Nicholas, Brighton: Jane Cruse, daughter of Samuel Cruse, grocer, and Charles William Galliers, tailor, son of John Galliers, servant

- 1855 St Nicholas, Brighton: Mary Cruyes, daughter of Joseph Cruyes, shoemaker, and Richard Hallett, carpenter, son of Richard Hallett, carpenter

- 1859: St Nicholas, Brighton: Elizabeth Cruse, daughter of Richard Cruse, labourer, and James Weller, labourer, son of Thomas Weller, labourer (Elizabeth is the daughter of Richard Cruse and Mary Mitchell from the Chailey, Sussex, tree)

- 1863 St Nicholas, Brighton: Ann Cruse, daughter of Thomas Cruse, organist, and George Michael Baldwin, fisherman, son of Michael Baldwin, tinman. (Rode, Somerset, tree)

- 1873 St Nicholas, Brighton: Emma Nowell Cruse, daughter of Edward Cruse, organist and Henry Husband, officer in the Royal Mail service, son of William Della Husband, surgeon (Rode, Somerset, tree)

Marylebone Registration District

- 1850 Holy Trinity, Marylebone: John Cruse, smith, son of Richard Cruse, smith, and Jane Rees, daughter of Benjamin Rees, baker

- 1855 St Marylebone Church, London: Emma Cruze, widow, daughter of John Bedford, baker, and William Dowsett, groom, son of Edward Dowsett, labourer

- 1856 St Marylebone Church, London: Richard Cruse, draper, son of Harry Cruse, solicitor, and Henrietta Cruse, daughter of John Cruse, accountant (Richard and Henrietta are first cousins. They are from the Rode, Somerset, tree.)

- 1857 St Marylebone Church, London: Elizabeth Cruwys, daughter of Thomas Cruwys, tailor, and William Wotley Baker, omnibus conductor, son of Richard Baker, cab driver (I think this is Elizabeth Cruwys, born c. 1815 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Cruwys. I can however find no suitable matches in the censuses. In 1851 Elizabeth, 36, was working as a barmaid at the Bell Inn, Kilburn, and living with her brother John who was the landlord)

- 1871 St Marylebone Church, London: Edward John Cruse, valet, son of George Cruse, butler, and Louisa Beardmore, daughter of William Henry Beardmore, grainer (Edward's parents are George Cruse and Sarah Wedlake. George is one of the Berkshire Cruses.)

- 1872 St Matthew, Marylebone: Margaret Cruse, daughter of Thomas Cruse, labourer, and Frederick George Bryant, hairdresser, son of George Bryant, hairdresser

- 1873 St Marylebone, London: Elizabeth Louisa Cruwys, daughter of Robert Cruwys, tailor, and Joseph Wright Dungate, french polisher, son of Joseph Wright Dungate, french polisher (This certificate relates to the Cruwys line originating in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.)

- 1888 St Marylebone Church, London: Francis Edward Cruse, widower and builder (from Kintbury, Berkshire), son of Daniel Cruse, a builder, and Alice Giles, daughter of Charles Giles, baker (Berkshire Cruses)

Pershore Registration District

- 1844 Parish Church, Pershore St Andrew: Mary Ann Cruse, daughter of Edward Cruse, proctor, and Henry Stroud, Captain in the Royal Navy, son of John Stroud, banker


jackfrost said...

I have in my possesion the marriage agreement of, henry stroud captain in the royal navy to mary ann cruse. married may 21st 1844 at pershore st andrew.

Debbie said...

Hi Jack, I'd love to see a copy of the marriage agreement. Would you like a copy of the marriage certificate? Do you know anything more about Mary Ann Cruse and her family?

yetigooseuk said...

Hi debbie it has not been possible to do a coppy of the marriage agreement as no one in my village has a photo coppier big enough lol,But i have taken photographs of the pages and you might be able to read some of it off them. the first page has some water dammage but the others are in good condition.Is there an e-mail address i can send them to you ? paul

yetigooseuk said...

jackfrost and yetigoose are the same person incase you get confused, i knbow i do lol.