Friday 22 October 2010

Family Finder offer from Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA have announced a special offer on their new autosomal Family Finder test for a limited period only when purchased in combination with a Y-DNA or mtDNA test. The offer is restricted to new customers. The special bundle prices are as follows:

Family Finder + Y-DNA 12 markers   Introductory Price: $299 or £190
(Regular Price: $388 or £247)

Family Finder + mtDNA  Introductory Price: $299 or £190
(Regular Price: $388 or £247)

The Family Finder test was introduced in February this year. You can read my review of the Family Finder test here.

Please note that if you are interested in taking a Y-DNA test to participate in a surname project you will at some point need to upgrade to the 37-marker test. The basic 12-marker test is sufficient if you are only interested in knowing your haplogroup designation.

The mtDNA test included in the bundle is the basic HVR1 test which will suffice if you wish to learn your base haplogroup.

To qualify for this offer payment must  be made by credit card. For further information visit the Family Tree DNA website.

© Debbie Kennett 2010