Friday 9 March 2012

Tom Rutherford Cruwys now commemorated by CWGC

I wrote back in January 2009 about Tom Rutherford Cruwys who served with the British Military Forces in Mesopotamia in World War I and sadly died of malaria on 28th September 1918 at Krasnovodsk in Russia (now Turkmenistan). I also published the surviving letters that Tom wrote to his mother during his time in Russia. I was puzzled at the time by Tom's absence from the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, but wasn't aware that there was any way to pursue the matter with the CWGC. I subsequently learnt about the In from the Cold Project which was set up to research and identify all the service men and women missing from the official CWGC list of casualties from the First and Second World Wars. I wrote to Terry Denham from the In from the Cold Project back in February 2011 and he kindly agreed to look into Tom's case and submit the details to the CWGC. He did warn me that it might take up to a year and there was no guarantee of success. Terry has now advised me that Tom has been accepted for commemoration by the Ministry of Defence, and his name was added to the CWGC register yesterday. Tom's name will eventually be added to the Haidar Pasha Memorial in Turkey which is a memorial for those missing in southern Russia and the Caucasus. I am delighted that Tom is now finally getting official recognition for his sacrifice, and I would like to thank the In from the Cold Project for their help with Tom's case and all the wonderful work they do to ensure that all those who sacrificed their lives in both World Wars receive an official commemoration.

© Debbie Kennett 2012