Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Deviant Cruwys spellings

Cruwys is possibly one of the most difficult names to search for in the censuses because it is rarely spelt correctly. With a certain amount of ingenuity and patience it is usually possible to locate missing people in the censuses, though there are still a few people who have so far eluded me. To aid researchers I have compiled a list of all the mis-spellings found to date in the censuses and the General Register Office indexes. In the early years of civil registration the spelling had not become fixed and it is still possible to find people listed under the more common variants such as Crewes, Crews, Cruise, Cruse and Cruze, all of which have developed into surnames in their own right. I have also come across quite a few instances in the censuses of Cruwyses indexed under the surname Crump. The following is a list of all the mis-spellings found to date:

Brewys, Cauwys, Cenings, Cenwys, Clewis, Coneys, Corewis, Cravys, Crawys, Creewys, Cremeys, Cremys, Crenny, Crenwys, Crerweys, Cressys, Creuse, Creuwys, Crewejs, Creweys, Crewse, Crewys, Crimmings, Crinorp, Crmoys, Crnwys, Crowys, Crucoys, Crues, Cruess, Cruice, Cruings, Cruis, Cruiys, Cruloys, Crumys, Crungs, Crunys, Crurrys, Crurvys, Cruroys, Crusse, Crurvys, Crusoys, Cruswys, Crute, Cruwiss, Cruwes, Cruwp, Cruwyd, Cruwyes, Cruyes, Cruyse, Cruyws, Crvwys, Crwoys, Crwes, Crwys, Crwwys, Crwye, Crys, Cumys, Curwis, Gemys, Gruwys, Le Crump, Omarys, Ommps, Oruwys.

If anyone has any further deviant spellings to add to the list please let me know. This list was last updated on 9th January 2011.

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Karen Cruce said...


Pontius de Cruce
Master Knight's Templar

Karen Cruce

Anonymous said...

Crew would also be another varient

Debbie Kennett said...

I've not actually found anyone with the surname Cruwys listed under the spellings Crew or Crewe. These are, however, legitimate variant spellings of Crews and Cruse. It appears that the surname changed from Crew/Crewe to Crews/Cruse in America.

Unknown said...

My 'Crewis' family research has brought me to a spelling of Cruish. Which easily could have happened if the person had a speech impediment (or slur). I Also found Cruice.

Debbie Kennett said...

Thanks Katrina. Cruice is actually a surname in its own right though it is not very common.