Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cheltenham, Hailsham and Lexden Marriage Challenges

A bumper crop of marriage certificates has arrived in the last few weeks from fellow Guild members David Mowbray, Peter Copsey and Roger Goacher who have been working hard on marriage challenges for the registration districts of Cheltenham, Hailsham and Lexden. I'd like to thank them for taking the time and trouble to search these registers and find the marriages for me. I've put outline details of the certificates below and the names of the trees where known. I don't yet have all of the names in my database so some of these certificates have opened up new lines of research. As always, further details are available on request.

Cheltenham Registration District

- 1856 St Mary, Cheltenham: Susan Cruse, daughter of Edward Cruse, harness maker, and Richard Griffiths, servant, son of Thomas Griffiths, labourer. [Ashburton tree from Devon].

- 1857 St Mary, Cheltenham: Emily Cruse, daughter of John Cruse, labourer and William Carpenter, gardener, son of William Carpenter, labourer

- 1895 St Luke, Cheltenham: George Crews, labourer, son of Jeremiah Crews, labourer, and Rhoda Woodward, daughter of John Woodward, labourer

- 1896 Saints Peter and James, Leckhampton: Mary Jane Cruse, daughter of John Pester Cruse, and Alfred Merret, grocer, son of Joseph John James Merrett, gardener [Kenton tree from Devon].

Hailsham Registration District, Sussex

- 1868 St Peter and St Paul, Hellingly: William Cruse, widower, miller, son of George Cruse, agriculturalist and Julia Hollamby, daughter of William Hollamby, innkeeper.

Lexden Registration District, Essex

- 1842 St Mary the Virgin, Wivenhoe: John King, mariner, son of William King, mariner and Mary Ann Cruse, daughter of John Cruse, mariner.

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