Monday, 18 May 2009

Bristol marriage certificates

Guild member Derek Allen very kindly offered to look up some Cruwys marriages for me at the Bristol Record Office, and an envelope arrived in the post from him this morning with an exciting pile of "faux" marriage certificates. Many thanks to Derek. The details of the latest certificates are given below.

- 1855 St Andrew's, Bristol: Mary Ann Cruwys, daughter of John Cruwys, accountant, and James Farmer, son of Samuel Farmer, foreman in a slate quarry. (Wiveliscombe tree)

- 1859 St Barnabas, Clifton: Alfred Cruwys, shipwright, son of John Cruwys, tailor, and Elizabeth Morgan, daughter of William Morgan, founderer [?].(Wiveliscombe tree)

- 1870 St Paul's, Bedminster: Susanna Cruwys, widow, daughter of Thomas Ascott, builder, and James O'Hara, master of workhouse, son of Michael O'Hara, ship carpenter (deceased). (Mariansleigh tree)

- 1881 St Michael on the Hill, Bristol: William Cruwys, widower, warehouse man, son of James Cruwys, carter, and Mary Patterson, spinster, daughter of James Patterson, farmer. (Wiveliscombe tree)

- 1888 St John's, Bedminster: Alfred John Cruwys, ship's smith, son of Alfred John Cruwys, shipwright, and Annie Crouch, daughter of George Crouch (deceased), commercial traveller. (Wiveliscombe tree)

- 1891 St Paul's, Bedminster: Albert Cruwys, fitter, son of Alfred Cruwys, shipwright, and Maggie Clara Horne, daughter of John Horne, pensioner. (Wiveliscombe tree)

- 1911 St Thomas, Bristol: Elsie Gladys Cruwys, daughter of Alfred John Cruwys, ship smith, and Sidney Saxton, son of William Saxton. (Wiveliscombe tree)

Copies have been sent to the relevant researchers, but as always I would be delighted to hear from anyone else researching any of the above lines.


Hazel said...

I am researching my ancestor Samuel John Farmer Born 1830. He worked in a slate mine in Wiveliscombe in 1871. He had a brother James but their father was William Lloyd. I have found the marriage you mention but can't work out the connection. The slate mine may be a coincidence. Do you have any other information?
Hazel Mills

Debbie Kennett said...

Hi Hazel

I've not done any research on the Farmers but if you e-mail I can put you in touch with Vanessa Goodwin who is descended from the Farmers and who I am sure will be able to help you.

Best wishes