Friday, 15 January 2010

Social networking

The new February issue of Family History Monthly is now on sale at newsagents in the UK. I have an article in this issue on social networking which focuses in particular on the use of Facebook and Twitter. My own copy of the journal has not yet arrived in the post but I'm hoping that it should be here soon now that the snow is finally starting to melt and the backlog of post can finally be cleared. You can see the full contents on the FHM website here.

I've set up a number of groups on Facebook for the many variants of the surname. You can find links to all these groups on the right. If you haven't already signed up we look forward to welcoming you. Facebook now has over 350 million users. If you are looking for someone you therefore stand a good chance of finding them on Facebook. If they are not on Facebook then their children or other relatives almost certainly will be.

Twitter is more of an acquired taste but if you follow the right people it is a good way of keeping up with all the latest genealogy news. If you are on Twitter and would like to follow me you can find me here.

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