Tuesday, 8 November 2011

FTDNA group administrators' conference

The Family Tree DNA Group Administrators' Conference took place this year from 4th to 6th November in Houston, Texas. An outline of the conference schedule can be found on the FTDNA website. The conference was attended by around 200 DNA project administrators, mostly from America but with a few travelling from other countries. A number of project administrators have written reports from the conference on their blogs with details of the many interesting developments that have taken place at Family Tree DNA in the last year and news of what we can expect in the coming months.

Ce Ce Moore has provided a very comprehensive report from the conference on her Your Genetic Genealogist blog:

- Family Tree DNA's 7th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy - Day One
Family Tree DNA's 7th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy - Day Two

Emily Aulicino has also provided an excellent two-part overview of the conference on her Genealem blog.

- 7th Annual Family Tree DNA International Conference Part 1
7th Annual FTDNA International Conference Part 2

Tim Janzen has posted two very thorough reviews with lots of technical details about Family Tree DNA's Walk through the Y project on the Genealogy DNA list:

Tim Janzen's Notes from Day 1 of the FTDNA Conference
Tim Janzen's Notes from Day 2 of the FTDNA Conference

Debbie Parker Wayne has written a report from the conference entitled Hat Tip to Citizen Scientists.

Dave Dowell has written a very brief blog posting about the conference and hints that an FTDNA sale is in the offing.

Thomas Krahn has put his presentation on the Walk through the Y project online on his DNA Fingerprint website.

Joan Miller has written a brief summary on her Luxegen blog and posted photos from the conference on her profile at Google+.

It is expected that the Powerpoint slides for most of the presentations will be eventually be made available to FTDNA group administrators on the Family Tree DNA website.

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