Monday, 12 November 2012

Family Tree DNA winter sale 2012

Family Tree DNA's winter sale has now started. The sale prices apply until midnight on 31st December (Houston time). The tests on sale include:

- Y-DNA 37 markers $119 (£75)  (usual price $169 = £106)
- Y-DNA 67 markers $199  (£125)  (usual price $268 = £169)
- Family Finder $199 (£125) (usual price $289 = £188)
- Full Mitochondrial Sequence $199 (£125) (usual price $299 = £188)

For prices in other currencies use a currency converter such as the XE Universal Currency Converter.

Special combination packages are also available. A full list of FTDNA products can be found here.

If you are thinking of ordering a Y-DNA test make sure you order your test through the relevant surname project so that your results can be compared with other people with your surname. By testing through a surname project you will also benefit from the assistance of a volunteer project administrator. If there is no project for your surname you can order a test through a geographical project. You can find a list of all the geographical projects for the British Isles here. There are also many other geographical projects, including projects for most European countries. You can find a full list of projects here. If you have documented ancestry from Devon I would be very pleased to welcome you to my Devon DNA Project. When you have received your test results and you know your Y-DNA and/or mtDNA haplogroup you can join the relevant haplogroup project. You can find a full list of Y-DNA haplogroup projects in the ISOGG Wiki. There is also a list of mtDNA haplogroup projects.

If you have already ordered a DNA test through Family Tree DNA and wish to order a new test, the special sale prices also apply. There are also reductions for upgrading Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. Click on Order an Upgrade on your personal page to check out the special offers. If you are upgrading a Y-DNA test I recommend upgrading to 37 or 67 markers. If you are upgrading a mitochondrial DNA test it is worthwhile upgrading to the full mitochondrial sequence at the current sale price.

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