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Bargain-priced 12-marker Y-DNA test for WDYTYA

Family Tree DNA has announced a special low price for its basic 12-marker Y-chromosome DNA test for a "limited time period". The closing date of the offer has not been announced but the sale is timed to coincide with Who Do You Think You Are? Live, the world's largest family history show which takes place this weekend at Olympia in London. I shall be attending this show and helping out on the ISOGG stand (stand no. 400 near the DNA workshop area) so if you have any questions about DNA testing do come along and say hello. I shall also be doing a talk on "DNA for beginners" on all three days of the show as part of the drop-in DNA workshops. I will be explaining in detail the DNA tests that can be used to help with your family history research.

The official press release from GenebyGene, FTDNA's parent company, is given below. It should be noted that the 12-marker test is a low-resolution test. People can often have thousands of 12-marker matches, most of which will not be of any relevance in a genealogical timeframe. However, at the other extreme some people can have no matches at all at 12 markers. The basic 12-marker test will also give you a haplogroup assignment so if you are only interested in knowing your haplogroup this test would be a useful introduction to DNA testing. For genealogical matching purposes the standard entry-level test is now the 37-marker test.

Family Tree DNA Unveils $39 DNA Test in Major Step Toward Universal Access by Individuals to their Own Genetic Data

-- The world's lowest cost genetic test offers an introduction to the insights and knowledge to be gained from personal genetic and genomic research --

HOUSTON,  Feb. 20, 2013, the genetic genealogy arm of Gene By Gene, Ltd., is dramatically lowering the price of one of its basic Y-DNA tests to  $39, making it the lowest-cost DNA test available on the market, in order to take a major step toward universal access by individuals to their personal genetic data.

By dropping the price of its basic Y-DNA test by 60 percent to  $39, Family Tree DNA -- the world's largest processor of Y-DNA and full mitochondrial sequences -- is working to eliminate cost as a barrier to individuals introducing themselves to the insights and knowledge to be gained from personal genetic and
genomic research.

Family Tree DNA pioneered the concept of direct-to-consumer testing in the field of genetic genealogy more than a decade ago, and has processed more than 5 million discrete tests for more than 700,000 individuals and organizations since it introduced its Y-DNA test in 2000.

The test investigates specific Y-DNA locations for males that provide individuals with their haplogroup, or the deep ancestral origin of the paternal line.  In addition, it can indicate if different individuals are likely to share a common male line.

Gene By Gene is also working to lower the cost of Family Tree DNA's comparable mtDNA test, which would be applicable to both females and males and provides data on the direct maternal line.  The company expects to unveil new pricing for this test in spring 2013.

As the sponsor [of the] DNA Workshop of "Who Do You Think You Are - Live" in  London this February, Family Tree DNA expects that the reduced price test will add a great number of individuals to its already large database - the largest of its kind in the world.

"We believe the first step to unearthing your personal and family history is to better understand your DNA," Gene By Gene President  Bennett Greenspan said. "That's why we are continuously investing in new  technology and experienced scientists at our Genomics Research Center, enabling us to conduct tests more accurately, efficiently and at lower prices.  Our  $39 Y-DNA test is just the latest example of how we are working to help individuals gain access to their genetic data."

Customer Inquiries
Individuals interested in Family Tree DNA's $39 Y-DNA test, or any of its ancestral testing products, can visit for more information.

About Gene By Gene, Ltd.
Founded in 2000, Gene By Gene, Ltd. provides reliable DNA testing to a wide range of consumer and institutional customers through its four divisions focusing on ancestry, health, research and paternity.  Gene By Gene provides DNA tests through its  Family Tree DNA  division, which pioneered the concept of direct-to-consumer testing in the field of genetic genealogy more than a decade ago.  Gene by Gene is CLIA registered and through its clinical-health division DNA Traits offers regulated diagnostic tests. DNA DTC  is the Research Use Only (RUO) division serving both direct-to-consumer and institutional clients worldwide.  Gene By Gene offers AABB certified relationship tests through its paternity testing division, DNA Findings. The privately held company is headquartered in  Houston, which is also home to its state-of-the-art Genomics Research Center.

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