Sunday, 17 November 2013

Family Tree DNA sale

The Family Tree DNA sale is now on. It is not very easy to find a list of prices on the website so I've copied down all the prices here. The sale ends on 31st December and all tests must be paid for in full by this date. The prices below are shown in US dollars. You can convert the prices into your local currency using one of the many online currency converters. I normally use the XE Currency Converter. Note that the dollar/sterling exchange rate is particularly favourable at present for those of us in the UK!

Basic tests for new customers
Y-DNA 37 markers $119 (usual price $169)
Y-DNA 67 markers $189 (usual price $268)
Y-DNA 111 markers $289 (usual price $359)

mtFull (full mitochondrial sequence) $169 (usual price $199)

Family Finder $99 (US customers also receive a free $100 gift certificate)

Autosomal DNA Transfer $49 (usual price $69) - this allows people who have tested at 23andMe or AncestryDNA to transfer their autosomal results to FTDNA's Family Finder database

Combination Tests
Family Finder + Y-37 for $218 (usual price $268) 
Family Finder + Y-67 for $288 (usual price $367)
Family Finder + mtFull for $268 (usual price $298)
Y-37 + mtFull for $288 (usual price $366)
Y-67 + mtFull for $358 (usual price $457)
Comprehensive Genome (Family Finder, Y-67 and mtFull) for $457 (usual price $566)

Y-Refine 12 to 37 for $69 (usual price $109)
Y-Refine 12 to 67 for $148 (usual price $319)
Y-Refine 25 to 37 for $35 (usual price $59)
Y-Refine 25 to 67 for $114 (usual price $59)
Y-Refine 37 to 67 for $79 (usual price $109)
Y-Refine 37 to 111 for $188 (usual price $220)
Y-Refine 67 to 111 for $109 (usual price $129)
mtHVR1 to Mega (full mitochondrial sequence) for $149 (usual price $169)

Big Y
This is a new Y-chromosome sequence test for advanced users who are interested in SNP discovery and contributing to our scientific knowledge about the phylogeny of the Y-chromosome. There is an introductory offer on this new test, and It is currently on sale for $495. This test is only available to existing customers. The price will go up to $695 after 1st December. If you have previously taken the Walk Through the Y test you will be eligible for a $50 discount. There should be a voucher that you can use on your personal page. For further information about the Big Y see my earlier blog post on the new Big Y test from Family Tree DNA.

For information on the different types of DNA tests see the beginners' guides in the ISOGG Wiki.


Ronnie said...

Debbie, I hope you don't mind but I copied your post for my Boxall mail list. I had not yet seen an email giving me the details for the sale. Usually the sale is well into it's phase before I see that there is one.

Debbie Kennett said...

Hi Ronnie, That's fine. It all helps to get the word out. The sale was actually announced last weekend but I've only just got round to writing about it as there's been so much else to try to keep up with.