Monday, 1 September 2014

A big price reduction on the Y Elite test from Full Genomes Corporation

As of today's date Full Genomes Corporation (FGC) has reduced the price of their Y Elite test from US $999 to $850. The FGC Y Elite is currently the most comprehensive Y-chromosome sequencing test on the market. The Y Elite sequences around 23 million bases, of which between 12 and 16 million are in mappable regions. There are nearly 60 million base pairs in the entire Y-chromosome, around half of which are in highly repetitive regions, but with currently available technology it is not yet possible to sequence the entire Y-chromosome.

For a comparison of all the available Y-SNP tests see the ISOGG Y-DNA SNP testing chart.

FGC also has a whole genome pilot which is due to launch very soon. The pilot programme was announced on the Anthrogenica Forum on 25th August. The test has a read length of 150 base pairs and will cost US $1850 per sample. The read length will be for 150 base pairs.

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