Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New Y Elite 2.0 test from Full Genomes Corporation

The Full Genomes Corporation have announced the launch of a new Y-chromosome next generation sequencing product known as the Y Elite 2.0.

The technical details are as follows:

Length coverage: 13.2+ megabases (a conservative estimate)

Read length: 250 base pairs

Coverage: 30x

Supplier: Omega Bioservices 

Features: better SNP calling and better STR calling quality

Cost: US $750

This new product replaces the earlier Y Elite test sourced through BGI Genomics and the Y Prime (100 bp) test. It is the only commercial next generation sequencing test which offers a 250 bp read length, and is also the only NGS test which includes mtDNA results.

For further details contact the company via their website:

For information on the currently available SNP tests see the Y-DNA SNP testing chart in the ISOGG Wiki. The chart has not yet been updated to include the new Y Elite 2.0 test but should be updated in the next few days.

With thanks to Justin Loe of Full Genomes Corporation.

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