Friday, 2 February 2007

Cruwys birth maps

I have again been experimenting with Genmap UK and this time I have prepared a map showing the distribution of Cruwys births in England and Wales from 1837 to 2004 by Registration District. As can be seen the vast majority of Cruwys births took place in the south-west of England, South Wales, London and the Home Counties.As London is somewhat crowded I thought it would be helpful to zoom in to give a better idea of the distribution of the name in the capital.The data used to compile these maps were extracted from the GRO indexes for England and Wales. There were a total of 524 births. This figure includes a number of deviant spellings and, in addition, two births for which no registration record has yet been located. The breakdown of spellings is as follows:

Cruwys 497
Creuse 1
Crewys 4
Cruwyd 1
Cruyes 1
Cruys 12
Cruyse 1
Crwes 2
Crwse 1
Crwys 3
Crys 1

See also the 1881 Cruwys distribution map and the posting on 1881 distribution.

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