Thursday, 22 February 2007

Cruwys Morchard Rectory

I have been fortunate to acquire another postcard of Cruwys Morchard on E-bay. This picture is of the Rectory and dates from around 1915. The original postcard was in poor condition but I've been able to restore the photo and remove some of the blemishes with a little digital magic. The Rector at the time this photograph was taken was probably the Reverend Nesbit Edward Willoughby, who took up office in 1905. He was succeeded in 1916 by Robert Geoffrey Cruwys, the brother of Lewis George Cruwys, who was the then Lord of the Manor. Robert went to Exeter College, Oxford, and in 1907 was in the Oxford University cricket team. Lewis served with the Devonshire Regiment in World War I and spent some time out in India. Lewis married Margaret Campbell Speke Abercrombie in 1917. Margaret is best known as the author of The Cruwys Morchard Notebook.

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