Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cruises in Irish civil registration indexes

Thanks to the hard work of a fellow Cruise researcher I now have a major new database to add to my collection of records for my one-name study. We have now extracted all the references to the surnames Cruise, Cruice and variants from the Irish Civil Registration Indexes, and they have been placed in Excel spreadsheets for easy sorting. The Irish BMDs are available online free of charge on the new Family Search website. The births cover the period from 1864 to 1958, the marriages are from 1845 to 1958 and the deaths from 1864 to 1958. BMD records are one of the core datasets in a one-name study, and the Irish BMDs will serve as a useful baseline and checklist when work starts on reconstructing all the Cruise families in Ireland.

© Debbie Kennett 2011

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