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IPM of Robert de Cruys of Nalle, Ireland 1292

 Writ to Walter de la Haye escheator in Ireland, 25 March, 20 Edw. I  [1292]
[MEATH.] Inq. Sunday before SS. Philip and James, 20 Edw. I.

Le Nalle. Buildings with stone walls of which the timber is of oak wholly unroofed, lands, rents &c. (extent given with names of tenants), including 120a. arable in 'le Carret feld' and mill field, 20a. in 'le Resk,' 36a. on the hill (montana), 24a. at Lochmoyan, a hill containing 17a. pasture, a pasture called 'la Roche,' and a moor for oxen, held of the king in chief by service of 20s. when royal service is proclaimed.

Ardmays. Wooden buildings thatched with straw and a stone tower worth nothing because they are in the march among the Irish and cost much for maintenance, and if they are thrown down it will be to the great damage of the whole country, lands &c. (extent given), including 87a. land at Cruys town and a township at Kenethan held by the Irish.

Ynesken. The advowson of the church.

Cruys. The advowson of the church.

Moderath. Richard Moderath holds a carucate of land by rendering 16d. when royal service is proclaimed; and ½ carucate of land in fee, rendering a pair of spurs yearly to the heirs of Thomas le Gros.
            Reginald de Sancto Bosco and Isabel his wife, mother of the said Robert, hold in dower 173a. arable, meadow, a mill, an orchard, 40d. or 400 eels issue of the lake of Robert's town (Lacy Ville Roberti), with common of the whole pasture of Ardmass and howsebot and heybote.
            And the said Robert died seised of 9l. 5s. 9 3/4d. rent of freemen at Clonachbrenan in the lordship of Sir Theobald de Verdum.
            Helen (Ellena) the wife of the said Robert has a third part of all the aforesaid lands &c. as dower.
                                                                                    C. Edw. I. File 63 (15)

Source: Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other analogous documents preserved in the Public Record Office. Volume III: Edward I. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1912, no. 48, p37. Available online in the Internet Archive.

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Karen Cruce said...

Have you studied the line of Mary Anne Cruys/Cruce/Cruice of Rathmore, daughter of Sir Christopher Cruce, held lands in Cruicetown and Cruice-Rath, Moydorragh, and the county of Meath. Very interestingly oral folklore and burial sites. My brother David and I would love to participate in your one name study. We are Kentucky Cruce me: Thank you!

Debbie Kennett said...

Hi Karen, I've sent you an e-mail. You can read about Sir Christopher Cruys, Lord of Rathmore, in an article in the Dublin University Magazine of 1854, starting on page 321. You can find the article here:

Unknown said...

I have found via that Christopher Cruce / Cruys is my 18th great grandfather and also awaiting my dna results. I would love to learn more.

Sandy Minder Barnett of Springfield Illinois

Debbie Kennett said...

Hi Sandy, You can read the article about Christopher Cruys from the link above. I would be very wary of a genealogy posted on Ancestry purporting to trace back to Sir Christopher Cruys. There are a lot of very dodgy pedigrees out there. Which DNA test have you taken and which DNA company have you tested with?

Best wishes