Thursday 27 June 2013

Family Tree DNA "Sizzling Summer Sale"

Family Tree DNA have just announced their summer sale. The Family Finder test is on special offer for $99. FTDNA have hinted that the new low price might become permanent if sufficient orders are received. For information on the Family Finder test see my earlier blog post "The new Family Finder test from Family Tree DNA". For information about the autosomal tests provided by the four main testing companies see the autosomal testing comparison chart in the ISOGG Wiki.

The following is the e-mail I received with news of the sale offers.

Dear Project Administrator,
Summer is once again upon us and it is time for our Sizzling Summer event! Our successful summers over the last two years have led us to offer you great values again this year. So, let's work together to grow your projects and to grow our database.

We have been working with Illumina to offer our Family Finder autosomal test for only $99 during our summer event. In fact, if we receive enough orders at $99, Illumina may be able to help us keep it at this extremely low of rate of $99!

As you take advantage of our summer event, remember that the permanency of the $99 Family Finder test is actually in your hands!

Beginning on Thursday, June 27, 2013 and running until Friday, July 26, 2013, we will offer the following:
Family Finderwas $289Now $99
mtDNA Full Sequencewas $289Now $189
Y-DNA37was $169Now $129
Y-DNA67was $268Now $208
Y-DNA111was $359Now $308
Family Finder + Y-DNA37was $368Now $228
Family Finder + Y-DNA67was $467Now $307
Family Finder + mtDNAFullSequencewas $398Now $288
Comprehensive Genome (Y-DNA67, FMS & FF)was $666Now $496




George Jones said...


As a FYI for you and your Blog followers about the People Of The British Isles study: The NEWEST & LATEST paper from POBI will be published in Nature very shortly according to a person directly familiar with the process.

Since 2012, I hearthe research had to be further "anonymized" in regards to the participants because of earlier reported weaknesses in this area.

Others wanting a copy of this paper ... please email me or check here:

I hope the POBI researchers do include SURNAMES and Terminal Y-DNA Hgs at some point. Anybody know anything about that? My Terminal Y-DNA Hg is R1b-L371 from Wales

These Welsh are among the "Ancient British" according to several informed POBI researchers (see the pink markers in Wales here:

Also, Full Sequence MtDNA analysis when they dip further into their participant DNA samples.


Debbie Kennett said...

Thank you George. I did actually ask Bruce Winney about the publication of the POBI paper. He told me at the beginning of June that he was crossing his fingers about publication in the "next couple of months".

I don't think anonymity will be a problem. The names were only revealed in the other research because the participants' ages and US state of residence were given. I understood the delay was because some of the team wanted to do additional research before publishing.

Bruce Winney gave a talk at WDYTYA Live in February. See my blog post here:

I understand the forthcoming paper will focus on autosomal SNPs. The last I heard Mark Jobling was going to be asked to do the Y-SNP analysis but I don't know if anything has as yet happened. POBI identified two clusters in Wales, one in the north and one in the south. Little England in Pembrokeshire was also genetically distinct. POBI have not identified any group as "Ancient British". Indeed, it would be not be possible to make such an inference.

George Jones R1b-L371 "Ancient British" said...


I question your statement and assertion as not being very knowledgeable in this area: "POBI have not identified any group as "Ancient British". Indeed, it would be not be possible to make such an inference."

See Donnelly at: and Why don't you just ring him up and see if he still stands by that. I think he will :-) Or, you can read it about it in the upcoming Nature paper which should be pretty definitive in one of the highest peer reviewed journals in the field.


Debbie Kennett said...

I will reserve judgement until the paper is published but I very much doubt that POBI will make any such statement in Nature. News articles need to have a "story" whereas the scientific facts are often somewhat different and nowhere near as clear-cut.