Friday 20 November 2015

FTDNA Group Administrators' Conference 2015 and the FTDNA winter sale

Family Tree DNA Group Administrators' Conference 2015
The Family Tree DNA group administrators' conference took place last weekend. Jennifer Zinck has written two very detailed summaries of the two-day event which include news of forthcoming developments at Family Tree DNA:

- 11th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy – Sunday

A very detailed report with lots of photos has also been provided by Roberta Estes:

The slides for most of the presentations are available on the Family Tree DNA Slideshare account:

Family Tree DNA Winter Sale
It was also announced at the close of the conference that the Family Tree DNA winter sale has now started. The sale will end at 11.59 pm Texas time on 31st December 2015. A list of the sale prices can be found below.

YDNAStandard PriceGroup PriceSale
Y12$59 not on sale
Y25$109 not on sale
Y37$169 $149 $139
Y67$268 $248 $228
Y111$359 $339 $309
YDNA UpgradesStandard PriceSale
Y12 - 37$119 $99 $79
Y12 - 67$209 $189 $151
Y12 - 111$359 $339 $271
Y25 - 37$69 $49 $39
Y25 - 67$168 $148 $118
Y25 - 111$269 $249 $199
Y37 - 67$119 $99 $79
Y37 - 111$240 $220 $176
Y67 - 111$149 $129 $103
Big YStandard PriceSale
Big Y$575 $525
Family FinderStandard PriceSale
FF$99 $89
mtDNAStandard PriceSale
mtDNA+$69 not on sale
mtDNA FullSeq$199 $169
mtDNA+ to FullSeq$159 $149
SNP PacksStandard PriceSale
SNP Packs$99, $119$10 off each pack

To convert the US dollar prices into your local currency you can use the XE Currency Converter.

FTDNA are also releasing special discount codes on a weekly basis every Monday to existing FTDNA customers. These codes can be shared with family and friends, and offer additional savings of up to $75.

Someone on the ISOGG DNA Newbie list has very kindly compiled a collaborative spreadsheet on GoogleDocs where people can post their spare discount codes so take advantage of these special offers to get the best available price. The spreadsheet is shared with permission and can be found here.

If you've not already take a DNA test or if you want to order a test for a friend or family member then now would be a very good time to do so!


Steven James Coker said...

I don't see transfers in this list. Are there discounts for transfers?

Debbie Kennett said...

I don't believe the transfers are included in the sale and I don't think there are any discount codes that can be used on the transfers. The transfer is only $39 (about £25) and it's well worth doing.

Unknown said...

I can't used "Any test" discounts with "Family Finder" test.
Do I make a mistake?

Steven James Coker said...

Seems to be a bug in this weeks "Any Purchase" codes. I can't get them to work on a yDNA upgrade or on an autosomal transfer. They should work since it states "Any" purchase.

Debbie Kennett said...

There seems to be a problem with these "Any test" discount codes. Other people have reported similar problems in the ISOGG Facebook group. I've alerted FTDNA to the problem and hopefully they will be able to fix it before the next codes get issued.

Unknown said...
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Steven James Coker said...

FTDNA really should honor their mistakes. It would be a small impact overall to honor them. I have a few disappointed relatives that can't use the "any purchase" codes they were given.

Unknown said...

I believe whoever was quick to use those code, FTDNA honors transactions that went through. (That's what I heard on the street, I don't have official information)

Debbie Kennett said...

I'm told by FTDNA that this problem has now been resolved.