Friday, 27 November 2015

Full Genomes winter discount

Full Genomes Corporation have announced a winter sale (or summer sale if you're in the southern hemisphere!). The tests offered by this company are suitable for the very advanced genetic genealogists in our community.

There is a $100 discount on the Y Elite test if you use the following code:


This brings the price down to US $675.

The Y Elite is a comprehensive Y-chromosome sequencing test, which is used for the discovery of new SNPs. It is currently the most advanced Y-DNA test on the market, and the only next generation sequencing Y-DNA test which offers a read length of 250 bps.

If you're thinking of taking a Y Elite test it's best to make sure that you join the appropriate Y-DNA haplogroup project so that you can share your results with the volunteer admins.

There are also discounts on the whole genome sequencing tests from Full Genomes. A report on the Y-chromosome is included with this test, but the autosomal DNA results are provided without medical interpretation or advice. However, users can upload their data to third party tools such as Promethease, which accepts VCF files from Full Genomes.

The 30x whole genome is now $1600 (reduced from $1850), a saving of 13.5%

There is a 10% reduction on the other whole genome sequencing tests:

10x is $670 instead of $745
4x   is $337 instead of $375
2x   is $225 instead of $250

These offers are only available for a limited time so if you are thinking of ordering don't delay.

For further information about any of these tests contact Full Genomes via their website at

For a comparison of the different SNP testing options see the ISOGG Y-SNP testing chart.

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