Monday, 13 November 2017

FTDNA's 13th International Genetic Genealogy Conference and the FTDNA sale

At the weekend Family Tree DNA held their 13th International Genetic Genealogy Conference for group administrators. You can see the full programme here. I've been following the news from the conference on Twitter by checking out the hashtag #FTDNA2017. Thank you to Katherine Borges, Lisa Janine CloudLouis Kessler and Marilyn Souders for all the tweets and photos.

Some of the conference attendees have blogged about the conference. I've provided a list below which I will update if further articles become available.

Conference reports from Jennifer Zinck
Jennifer always writes wonderfully detailed notes from the conference and I recommend reading her articles in their entirety. It's almost like being there in person!
Conference reports from Louis Kessler
Louis Kessler is a first-time conference attendee. He provides an interesting perspective and has also shared a selection of photographs.
Conference report from Judy Russell
Conference report from Rob van Drie
The slides from some of the presentations will be made available to project administrators.

Maurice Gleeson has shared his two conference presentations on his YouTube channel:
FTDNA sale

At the close of the conference FTDNA announced a sale which will run until the end of the year. Upgrades are also included in the sale. Here is a chart showing the sale prices.

Individual Tests Sale price Regular price
Family Finder (FF)     
$59 $89
mtFull Sequence (FMS)
$169 $199
$129 $169
$229 $268
$299 $359
Test Bundles
Sale price Regular price
Family Finder + Y-37
$178 $238
Family Finder + Y-67
$278 $337
FF + mtFull Sequence
$218 $268
FF + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence
$442 $536
Sale price Regular price
mt/mtPlus to FMS                                
$119 $159
Big Y                                   
$475 $575
Y-12 to Y-37             
$69 $109
Y-25 to Y-37              
$35 $59
Y-37 to Y-67
$79 $109
Y-37 to Y-111                                  
$168 $228
Y-67 to Y-111                                    
$99 $129

Note that, in addition to the above prices, FTDNA charges $12.95 for shipping. Kits for customers in the US are sent out by DHL and the cost includes return shipping. Customers in other countries will need to pay the return postage separately.

There is also a 15% discount on SNPs and SNP packs for the sale period.

FTDNA have given existing customers discount codes (coupons) which can be used to get a further reduction on the sale price. You'll need to log into your FTDNA account and click on the Holiday Reward to see your offer. As always, a number of people have taken the initiative to set up collaborative spreadsheets where unused coupons can be shared and exchanged.

A spreadsheet is available from this link that was shared on the Haplogroup Facebook page.

There are also other spreadsheets being maintained by specific groups such as the U106 group on Yahoo.

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