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I was appointed as one of the moderators for the R1b-U106/S21 mailing list in April 2014.

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I receive small fees for the articles that I have written for commercial family history magazines. I receive complimentary copies of books that I review. I received a free DNA test from Living DNA in 2016 for review purposes.

I sometimes get asked to do private DNA consultations for individuals for which I charge a modest fee. I have occasionally provided a paid genetic genealogy consultation service for TV and radio. I sometimes undertake paid genealogical research.

I was a member of the Genographic Project Design Group, a small team of volunteer genetic genealogists who were providing feedback to the Genographic Project team on the development of the website. The group has been inactive since the summer of 2013.

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Anonymous said...

As I have the name Cruse in my ancestry I find your information very interesting. Thank you.

Debbie Kennett said...

Thank you. Which Cruse line are you researching. Do get in touch by e-mail. I might be able to give you more information.

Kathy Cruse said...

Thank you for doing so much research for those of us with the Cruse name. I am the youngest of 4 girls with the last name and I am 66! My father passed away several years ago - therefore I cannot get DNA testing from a male participant. I live in the USA and there are few Cruse family members that I am aware of in this part of the world - no cousins. How do I get specific information to trace my family (Scots/Irish)?

Debbie Kennett said...


Thanks for getting in touch. As a female you can take the Family Finder test through the Cruwys DNA Project. This will give you matches with genetic cousins on all your family lines. We have a few people in the project with Cruse/Crews ancestry who've now taken this test. It's now very cheap too costing just $99. You can find the project website here:


You can read my blog post about the Family Finder test here:


Can you perhaps e-mail me with outline details of your Cruse tree so that I can have a copy for my records? I will then also be able to see if you connect with any of the other lines for which I have information.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me as I have send my dna to Full-Genomes corporation. Its been 2 months and I still get see the same message over and over again.Status: We received your completed kit and are working on sending it to the lab.

Debbie Kennett said...

You can find the contact details for Full Genomes on the ISOGG SNP chart:


If you're on Facebook you can contact them in their Facebook group: