Wednesday, 31 January 2007

1881 Cruwys distribution map

While at the Bracknell Family History Fair at the weekend I purchased a copy of a software program called Genmap UK which will enable me to produce distribution maps based on various aspects of my data. I decided to experiment by creating a map showing the distribution of the surname in 1881. There were only 84 individuals listed in the 1881 census with the surname Cruwys but I have been able to incorporate in my map an additional 34 people whose names are known to have been mis-spelt, bringing the total up to 118. No doubt as the research progresses more missing people will be identified under alternative spellings and the map can be updated. As can be seen, the greatest concentration of the surname in 1881 was in Devon but the drift to Somerset, Dorset, Wales and London had already started. The sole Cruwys in the north of England was 10-year-old John Cruwys, the son of James Cruwys and Fanny Farmer Cruwys, who was staying with his uncle and aunt Benjamin and Elizabeth Farmer. John is from the Wiveliscombe Cruwys family. Thirty-six-year old George Cruys from Barnstaple is missing from the map as he was a stoker on board the Miranda on census night and I haven't yet found a way of creating a red dot in the sea!

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