Friday, 12 January 2007

Louisa Cruwys postscript

Polly was unable to resist following up my comment about Louisa Cruwys possibly inheriting William Pattison's money. She found William's death on Free BMD registered in the September quarter of 1875 in Taunton age 62. While at the Family Records Centre in London yesterday she had a peak at the National Probate Index and found the following:
1875 Nov 15 The Will of William PATTISON late of Taunton in the county of Somerset Gentleman who died 27 Sep 1875 at Taunton was proved at Taunton by Louisa Elizabeth CRUWYS of Taunton spinster the sole Executrix.
William and Louisa lived together at the Castle Hotel for at least fifteen years. We will never know the precise nature of their relationship but I do hope that Louisa had a little romance in her life!


Steve Adams said...

Is this the same lady who married Joseph Wright Dungate in 1873?

Debbie Kennett said...

No it was a different person who married Joseph Wright Dungate. His bride was Elizabeth Louisa Cruwys. I have full details of the marriage from one of the Guild marriage challenges:

Steve Adams said...

Debbie, Many thanks, Joseph Wright Dungate (senior) was my great grandfaher, Joseph Wright Dungate his son who married Elizabeth was my great uncle, a younger brother Wright Dungate was my grandfather. He had 3 sons, Wright who was killed at the Somme in 1916, Jack (John) my uncle who was still french polishing at 95 he died aged 97, and the youngest George who died in childhood. There were two daughters Beatrice born 1897 and my mother Annie Maiden born 1902. Both Bea and my mum were in their late 90's when they died. Kind Regards,
Stephen Wright Adams

Debbie Kennett said...


Many thanks for sharing your story. Do get in touch by e-mail if you would like the full marriage certificate.

Best wishes