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Cruses in the Mormon Migration Index

The new Mormon Migration Index website provides details of around 90,000 members of the Church of the Latter-day Saints who crossed the Atlantic between 1840 and 1860. The website is based on material which was previously available on the Mormon Immigration Index CD, published in 2000. Passenger lists can be searched by surname. Transcriptions of letters, diaries and extracts from autobiographies relating to the voyages have also been made available online.

There are three Cruses in the database: Charlotte Cruse (1821-1905), Julia Matilda Cruse (1823-1916) and Mary Cruse (1812-1851). They were all from the village of Boxford in Berkshire.

Charlotte Cruse and Julia Matilda Cruse were sisters. They were the daughters of James Cruse (1782-1857) and Mary Joyce (1784-1857) who married in 1807 in Hampstead Norris, Berkshire. Charlotte and Julia were the youngest of seven children. Charlotte was born on 31st March 1821 in Boxford. Julia was born on 17th June 1823 in Boxford. They sailed to America on the James Pennell departing from Liverpool on 2nd September 1849 and arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana, on 22nd October 1849. Charlotte married William Washington Thorpe in 1850 in St Louis, Missouri, and Julia married Amos Howe in 1851, also in St Louis, Missouri. The two sisters and their husbands subsequently moved to Salt Lake City in Utah.

Mary Cruse was the first cousin of Charlotte and Julia. She was born in 1812 in Boxford, Berkshire, and was the daughter of Thomas Cruse (1763-1841) and his second wife Elizabeth Pigot (c.1780-1852). Mary married Thomas Tanner (1807-1878) on 4th February 1831 in Newbury, Berkshire. Thomas and Mary Tanner, together with their children Thomas, James, George, Ebenezer, Joseph and Alma, emigrated to America on the Salt Lake trail in 1851. They sailed from Liverpool on the Olympus on 4th March 1851 arriving in New Orleans on 27th April. Mary sadly died in St Louis, Missouri, on 11th October 1851 shortly after their arrival. Mary appears in the Mormon Migration Index under her married name, Mary Tanner, but she is also mentioned under her maiden name in the accounts of the voyage of the Olympus which can be seen here.


GeneaDroid said...

Sandra Kirkhamn Helmantoler's Cruse family on her maternal side
These are the ancestors of the Mormon Cruse family married to the Tanners. The (xxx-xxx) IDs are how to locate these persons in

Mary Cruse
Birth 1 December 1812 Wyfield, Boxford, Berkshire, England
Christening 20 December 1812 Boxford, Berkshire, Eng
Marriage: February 1831 Newbury, Berkshire, Eng Thomas Tanner (KWJ7-TCY Born 28 June 1807 Newbury, Berkshire, Eng
Death 11 October 1851 Saint Louis, St Louis, Missouri

Mary's Father
Thomas Cruse (4 September 1763 – 21 February 1841 (LHCF-DWG​)
Christening 11 September 1763 Welford, Berkshire, England
Marriage: Abt 1795
Burial 21 February 1841 Boxford, Berkshire, England

Thomas Father
Richard Cruse (1740 -1813)
Birth June 1740 Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England (LCSB-DKL)
DEATH 1813 Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England

Richards Father
Miles Cruce
BIRTH 1703 Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England (LHDY-5JD)
DEATH 1783 Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England

Miles Father
George Crewes
BIRTH 21 January 1682Totnes, Devonshire, England (LHXZ-S2N)
DEATH 1748 Devonshire, England

Georges Father
William Cruse KCHH-8KJ
BIRTH Abt 1645Of Totnes,Devon,England

GeneaDroid said...

We have AncestryDNA results for Sandra Kirkham available on GedMatch

Debbie Kennett said...


Thanks for sharing this information. I have a well sourced tree for the ancestors of Mary Cruse. Not surprisingly some of the information on FamilySearch is wrong. Miles Cruse was baptised on 27 Mar 1709 in Aldbourne, Wiltshire. Miles's father was not from Devon. Devon is too far away from Wiltshire and such a marriage would not have taken place at that time. Miles is the son of William Cruse and Mary Cooper. William was baptised on 25 October 1680 in Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire. I've got quite a few of the male-line descendants of the Ogbourne St George tree in the Cruse DNA Project at Family Tree DNA. You can see the outlines of the pedigrees in Cruse group 1 on this page:

No one in that group has as yet taken the Family Finder test.

Where has Sandra Kirkham taken her autosomal DNA test? If she's tested at FTDNA she would be welcome to add her Family Finder results to the Cruse Project. If she's tested with AncestryDNA or on the 23andMe v3 chip she could do the autosomal DNA transfer programme:

GeneaDroid said...

Jeff Kirkham is also working on this Cruse line. His sister Sandra's AncestryDNA raw data is transferred to FTDNA. Here are his comments on the Mary Cruse paper trail I posted earlier.

Jeff Kirkham writes:
I received the information on the Cruse line that you sent me. I have been doing research on this group for the last few weeks.

I have been having difficulty finding the correct "Source" information to confirm some of these connections.

Example: Under Thomas Cruse (1763) and his wife Elizabeth, they identify William Qualiingston as a son.
I found last Friday that there are sources indicating that William Qualingston (sp) married a Mary Ann Cruse.
This means he could be a son-in-law and not a son. And then the next question I am trying to solve is Mary Cruse and Mary Ann Cruse the same person? I have found the Cruse name on sources from Newbury, Welford, Hampshire Norris, Greenham, Boxford, and Lambourn all in Berkshire County. All of these small towns are within 25 miles of each other. My plan is to go back deeper in the family and see if any of these Cruses match up in a few generations back.

GeneaDroid said...

Sandra's Ancestry Autosomal data is transferred to FTDNA under kit #B75058. Her brother is working the Cruse paper trail on and I encouraged him to join this excellent blog.

Debbie Kennett said...

Could you encourage Sandra to join the Cruse Project? She just needs to enter her kit number and password in the Join form:

I have all the Cruses from Berkshire and Wiltshire in one big family tree. Much of the research was done years ago by David Cruse who transcribed all the relevant parish register records. I went through all his research and verified his conclusions double-checking with other resources such as the Berkshire Burial Records CD. I don't know who William Qualingston is. Mary and Mary Ann were both common names. If you e-mail me or let me have your e-mail address and I can send you a report with the relevant part of the tree.

GeneaDroid said...

Sandra Kirkham Helmantoler a Mary Cruse Mormon Migration descendent has joined.

Debbie Kennett said...

Many thanks. I'm about to e-mail her.