Friday, 23 April 2010

Miscellaneous marriages

I've now just about caught up on all the marriage certificates I've received in recent months from the various Guild Marriage Challenges. I've provided an outline below of the certificate details. If you are interested in any of these marriages do get in touch.

Brighton Marriage Challenge
- 1899 St Peter's Church, Brighton: Frank Cruse, drayman, son of William Cruse, labourer, and Alice Chamberlain, daughter of George Chamberlain, labourer (Imber tree).

As a bonus from this Marriage Challenge a Cruse was also sighted as a witness at another Brighton wedding. On 7th June 1903 Walter Cruse was one of the witnesses at the wedding of Percival William Moody, a watchmaker's assistant, and Harriet Ellen Killick. Walter was born in 1870 in New Shoreham, Sussex, and was the son of Richard Cruse and Mary Jane White. Walter is descended from the Sussex Cruse line from Chailey who, to my knowledge, are completely unrelated to the Imber Cruses from Wiltshire.  Walter Cruse married in the June quarter of 1904 in the Brighton Registration District but unfortunately the marriage wasn't found in the Marriage Challenge, probably because the marriage took place in a Register Office.

Derby Marriage Challenge
- 1841 St Werburgh, Derby: William Crewes, currier [carrier?], son of William Crewes, shoemaker, and Mary Ann Matthews, widow, daughter of Walter Gibson, currier [carrier].

- 1901 St Mary Magdalene, Davington, near Faversham: Harry Cruse, sapper, son of John Pester Cruse, smith, and Harriet Hunt, daughter of Springfield Hunt, shepherd. [Note: In the 1901 census Harry Cruse, 28, was a sapper with the Royal Engineers based at Sheerness Garrison in Sheerness, Kent.]

- 1924 St Mary of Charity, Faversham: Frances Minnie Cruse, domestic servant, daughter of Harry Cruse, locomotion engineer, and Harry Robert Green, electrician on the Southern Railway, son of Herbert James Green, electrician on the Southern Railway.

- 1952 St Mary of Charity, Faversham: Doris May Cruse and Keith Frank Brooks.

- 1955 St Mary of Charity, Faversham: Olive Joan Cruse and John Henry Foulcer.

The four Faversham certificates all relate to the Kenton tree from Devon. The Harry Cruse who married Harriet Hunt in 1901 was born in Kenton in 1871, the son of John Pester Cruse, a blacksmith, and Fanny Sheppard. This tree can be traced back to Samuel Cruse and Mary Discombe who married on 12th December 1782 in Kenton.

Guildford Marriage Challenge
- 1894 St John, Busbridge: Francis Graham Cruse, gentleman, son of Francis Cruse, gentleman clerk in holy orders and Alice Ramsay Adelaide Sladen, daughter of Ramsay Cunliffe Sladen, a Lieutenant in the 98th Regiment (Rode tree).

Okehampton Marriage Challenge
- 1893 North Tawton, Devon: George Crews, Metropolitan Police Officer (father's name left blank) and Ellen Setter, daughter of John Setter

- 1896 The Parish Church, Okehampton: Eliza Crews, daughter of John Crews, labourer, and John Tinscott, labourer, son of Edward Tinscott, labourer

Thanks to Colin Ulph for the Brighton certificate, Sue Horsman for the Derby certificate, Shelagh Mason for the Faversham certificates, Sheila Forster for the Guildford certificate, and Barbara Roach for the Okehampton certificates.

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