Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Family History Monthly May 2010

The May 2010 issue of Family History Monthly is now on sale in newsagents in the UK. The issue includes a beginner's guide to palaeography (the art of deciphering old handwriting) as well as a timely look at the ancestry of David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party and potentially the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. I've written a review of the Geni.com. In the last week, Geni have announced a few updates to their website including a few fixes for some of the issues I raised in the article. The promised facility to include sources has now been added. Dates can now be set to display in the usual English order with the day followed by the month. There are also a number of other enhancements. Full details can be found on the Geni blog. Further details of the contents of the May issue can be found on the Family History Monthly website.

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